If Croatia wins, I’ll get a tattoo on my forehead, says Ivan Rakitic

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If Croatia wins, I’ll get a tattoo on my forehead, says Ivan Rakitic

Ivan Rakitic has made a special statement that he will get himself tattooed on his forehead if Croatia remains the World Cup winner.

Croatia never made its way to the final of the contest in the past, but will confront France during the World Cup concluding match that will take place in Moscow on July 15.

Ivan has been one of the major players for Zlatko Dalic’s squad, together with midfield associate Luka Modric.

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And Ivan hinted he would mark Croatia’s victory in a unique manner if his squad remains on top after beating France.

Ivan Rakitic stated that Croatia will have the backing of their whole nation when they confront France during the World Cup.

Croatia played its initial FIFA permitted match during the year 1992 and remained on the 3rd position in the World Cup that took place in the year 1998 but had otherwise not progressed further than the group stage.

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During a conference, Ivan said, “This is a historic game not just for the 13 or 14 players and the squad but also for everybody who is a Croat. There will be 4.5 million players on the pitch.”

“I think that you only need to take a look at the footage coming from Croatia to see what’s been going on over the past month. It cannot be described with words, that amount of joy, togetherness, unity, pride. It’s incredible. … If there was a stadium big enough for 4.5 million people, it would be full.”

The Group D champions, Croatia conquered Denmark and Russia on punishments and England in extra time.

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“There will be excess power and excess energy — no worries about that,” he said. “We will carry one another. We will get the energy.

“We know that this is the biggest game of our lives, and we want to leave the pitch with our heads held high and to be able to say we’ve done everything. We just need a little bit of luck to get the desired result.”

The midfielder, who plays for Barcelona, won the Champions League in the year 2015 and the Europa League with Sevilla the year before.

Rakitic stated, “I would exchange all titles. I would definitely leave my boots at home if that were the price I would have to pay. … I would pay any price for the success of my country. Individuals don’t matter. It is all about us.”

Published by Mamatha on 15 Jul 2018

I had a deal with my dad that I have to make it on my own, says Vicky Kaushal

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I had a deal with my dad that I have to make it on my own, says Vicky Kaushal

Well known personality Vicky Kaushal recently talks about his profession, dad’s non-interference, road in front, and yes, his blockbuster hit, Sanju.

The dashing guy Vicky Kaushal, who donned the character of Ranbir Kapoor’s best friend in the super hit movie Sanju (a role designed on Sanjay Dutt’s bestie Paresh Ghelani), has received unbelievable love from all the sides.

When media people asked him that you are busy in shooting Uri after your Sanju ran away to glory at thhit many BO records and your performance bagged many praises? How are you holding yourself at the shoot, he answered, “Emotionally, I can’t. But practically, I cannot. Tied up with a commitment, Uri. I would have really loved to be there. I am missing Mumbai. The response I have got for my part is overwhelming.”

He also said that Sanju is really a very special movie as it was directed by ace personality Rajkumar Hirani whose movie always attracts the whole society.

image source

When asked that out of you recent hits Masaan, Raazi and Sanju, which is that one movie that made the biggest difference in your life, he said, “Well, I would still say Masaan, which marked the beginning of my career. Even Raju sir had seen me in Masaan that probably led him to call me for Sanju.”

He was really comfortable with Ranbir Kapoor- which was very clear on screen. The two had also worked in Bombay Velvet before Sanju.

image source

About Sanju, he said that he signed the film around about 45 days before the movie went on floors. But during that time period, he used to meet Ranbir almost daily at Raju’s office.

On media, he said that it is one the main powers in the nation to tell all about your opinion and spread awareness.

“But with big power, comes big responsibility. I don’t know how to exactly put this (pauses)… but there is so much of media around you that it tends to get heavy on you.”

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Son of a well known Action Director (Shyam Kaushal), did you always want to be an actor?, he said, “Everything was going right for me to be an engineer, but my heart was somewhere else.”

On being asked did your father assist you out in some way, he answered that the two had a deal that said that I have to make it on my own.

Published by Mamatha on 15 Jul 2018

Anxiety in Estonia as Trump, Putin to Meet

As the ferries from Finland approach Tallinn, the first prominent landmark looming port side is a 314-meter high television tower. It is Estonia’s tallest building, but its prominence as a landmark exceeds mere elevation.

The Soviet-era tower played a key role in Estonia establishing independence in 1991.

As army tanks rolled to seize the tower, intent on preventing the collapse of the Soviet Union, Estonians surrounded the structure with trucks and formed human shields. At the top of the tower two Estonian police officers are said to have repulsed Soviet soldiers by threatening to release Freon gas they claimed would have killed everyone inside.

The soldiers hesitated and that evening, on August 20, Estonia declared itself an independent republic.

Since then the smallest Baltic state, with a population of just 1.3 million, has joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. But on the eve of the summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, some Estonians say despite the geo-political insurance policies NATO and the EU provide they are again feeling vulnerable.

FILE - People sit in a restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia, May 31, 2018.

FILE – People sit in a restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia, May 31, 2018.

Outside the Tuum Café and Bar in Freedom Square on a warm and sunny Sunday, friends find themselves discussing what the next day’s meeting – 100 kilometers north across the sea in Finland – will mean for their country.

“I’m worried,” says sales manager Mehis Nurmetalu.

Feeling ‘vulnerable’

The 42-year-old veteran of the Estonian Defense Forces says he trusts neither Trump nor Putin as leaders of two powerful nations to negotiate in a way that will be in his small country’s best interest.

“Our neighbor (Russia) is very active and there are still no solutions about Crimea, Ukraine, Syria – the Middle East,” he notes.

All of the Baltic and Scandinavian states, could be in play as well, adds Nurmetalu.

Another former Estonian Defense Forces soldier – who prior to that served in the Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan – says he prefers Trump’s approach to predecessor Barack Obama’s, praising his pressuring of NATO members to spend more on their militaries.

FILE - People gather in the Town Square in Tallinn, Estonia, May 31, 2018.

FILE – People gather in the Town Square in Tallinn, Estonia, May 31, 2018.

The veteran, who does not want to give his name because of the sensitive nature of his past military service, favors the dialogue between Trump and Putin, but says despite the American president’s direct rhetoric, “We don’t know what he is really thinking.”

The military veteran stresses that while Estonians like Russian people and culture, they never again want to be controlled by Moscow.

To Estonia’s younger generation, born after independence, it is only something they know from their history books or their parents.

High school student Getter Kitsing, 16, who aspires to be an actor or media photographer, says her parents worry that it is starting to feel like old times again.

Estonia “is vulnerable,” she says. “When I think of all the things happening in the EU and NATO, I’m starting to think that while Estonia is still a safe place, it might not be in the future.”

Of Monday’s summit, she expresses distrust of both Trump and Putin.

“Maybe it helps make things better, but what comes out of it might not be very good,” says the student. “I think Trump is very childish. He just throws words out of his mouth and doesn’t think about them. Putin is more sophisticated, a grown-up.”


You Can Take Inspiration For Amazing Tattoos From Popular Actors

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You Can Take Inspiration For Amazing Tattoos From Popular Actors

Bollywood celebs are known for their style and fashion statement. Apart from that they are also known to flaunt their love for their partners. From giving them expensive gifts to taking them for romantic dinners and surprises, they do it all. Apart from all these things, getting inked is the newest one.

Be it their parent’s initials, a God’s name or their loved ones name, they tend to get it inked. We are very well aware of the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities getting into the inking.

Getting somebody’s name inked really need guts and boldness. Let’s have a look at the list of celebs who got inked and you can surely take an inspiration from their tattoo ideas.

  • Ajay Devgn

The Singham star is a faithful devotee of Lord Shiva, and has a tattoo of Lord Shiva on his chest as a tribute. So folks, if you are a Lord Shiva bhakt you can opt for this one.

image source

  • Kangana Ranaut

The Queen of Bollywood has an affinity for grand tattoos, with a threatening winged sword on the back of her neck. She lined it up with this tattoo of a cherubic heavenly attendant. This is surely a best choice of having a tattoo.

image source

  • Sushmita Sen

The former Miss Universe never fails to impress us in whatever she does. She is also a big tattoo fan and has a tattoo which says, “Aut Viam inveniam aut faciam”, a Latin saying which means, “I might either discover a way or make my own.”

image source

  • Sonakshi Sinha

If you want to have a small tattoo and you don’t know what to opt for, you can definitely rely on Sonakshi Sinha’s tattoo choice. A small star is just a perfect, especially for girls.

image source

  • Deepika Padukone

If you love anklet and want to wear it permanently, then you can take an inspiration from Deepika’s anklet tattoo which is simply beautiful.

image source

  • Arjun Kapoor

We all love our mothers and so getting inked by their name will be on beautiful surprise for them. Also, it will always be close and special to us. Arjun Kapoor inked “Maa” written in Hindi and you can definitely opt for this one.

image source

  • Jessica Alba

The Hollywood beauty has quite a liking for Indian culture and also fond of Sanskrit language. So if you are looking out for something in Sanskrit? Jessica provides an idea with her “LOTUS”.

image source

  • Taylor Lautner

This forearm tattoo on Taylor looks quite appealing.

image source

So folks, before getting inked, you can take inspiration from these popular celebs.

Published by Mamatha on 15 Jul 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 : France Beat Croatia To Become The World Champions

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FIFA World Cup 2018 : France Beat Croatia To Become The World Champions

FIFA Worldcup is one the most watched sports in the world. The popularity of this game is so high that even in a cricket-loving country like India, the excitement of FIFA matches is always at its peaks. The FIFA Worldcup 2018 started with high hopes from players like Messi and Ronaldo by their fans. These superstars failed to make to the final and now we had our two finalists, France and Croatia.

Image Source

The final was held today at the Luzhniki Stadium in Russia. The fans all over the world were on the edge of their seats as the two talented teams France and Croatia played the FIFA World Cup Final match. Well, we have our winners, it is France. As France won by against Croatia, the fans all over the world celebrated and we can only imagine the level of celebration in Russia and France.

Image Source

Coming to the stats, France scored 4 goals and Croatia scored 2 goals. In France, M.Mandzukic scored at 18′, A.Griezmann scored at 38′, P.Pogba scored at 59′ and K.Mbappe scored at 65′. In Croatia, I.Perisic scored at 28′ and M.Mandzukic scored at 69′.

Image Source

France has won the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the exciting FIFA 2018 ends here, but the celebrations all over the world have just begun. We wish a hearty congratulations to the winning team and wish good luck to the runners-up for the next time.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 15 Jul 2018

Breach Litigation: A Growing Risk for E-Commerce Businesses

By John K. Higgins
Jun 15, 2018 9:45 AM PT

The expanding world of Internet commerce likely will generate a corresponding expansion of data breaches, with the result that e-commerce businesses increasingly will become the targets of consumer class action lawsuits.

Breach litigation has become more prevalent as a result of a perceptible legal trend favoring consumers. Various federal appeals courts have allowed consumers to launch class action suits even though the alleged injury from a breach was small, or even nonexistent, in terms of a current and tangible financial loss.

Decisions in two back-to-back cases earlier this year appeared to solidify greater legal leverage for consumers. The cases involved online retailer Zappos.com, and bookseller Barnes & Noble.

Generally speaking, consumers need to achieve legal standing, addressed in Article III of the U.S. Constitution, in order to file a class action suit stemming from a data breach. Standing depends upon proving that some type of significant injury has occurred. That’s an easy call if the members of a class have had their bank accounts drained by hackers who invaded the data base of a retailer or restaurant chain.

However, in a spate of recent cases, courts have tended to allow lawsuits based on a lower threshold for establishing injury. Minor actual costs, subjective opportunity costs, and the threat of future impacts — even though no current theft or fraud has occurred — have become viable reasons for class action suits.

Consumers Prevail on Injury Issue

For example, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in March reversed a lower court decision and allowed consumers to participate in a class action suit against Zappos, triggered by a breach reported in 2012. A district court had denied standing, ruling that the alleged harm was not significant enough.

However, the appeals court ruled that although the plaintiffs could not prove they had suffered any actual financial loss, their exposure to undetermined potential danger was enough to meet the legal standard for injury. The court said those consumers had “sufficiently alleged an ‘injury in fact’ based on a substantial risk that the Zappos’ hackers would commit identify fraud or identity theft” in the future.

The Barnes & Noble case followed a similar path. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in April overruled a district court that had rejected a consumer class action suit for lack of sufficient injury. The litigation resulted from a breach of consumer records due to the hacking of some of the company’s PIN pad machines.

The district court five years earlier had ruled that the alleged injuries to the value of the consumers’ personally identifiable information, time spent with bank and police officials, and emotional distress were not enough to establish injury.

Also, the inability to use bank accounts for several days was “not a monetary injury in itself,” the court had said. The court also had ruled that the cost of resuming a credit monitoring service was only partly the result of the breach, and did not qualify as an injury.

In reversing the district court, the Seventh Circuit ruled that the plaintiffs met the legal test for injury “because the data theft may have led them to pay money for credit monitoring services,” and “because unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts caused a loss (the time value of money), even when banks later restored the principal.”

Additionally, “the value of one’s own time needed to set things straight is a loss from an opportunity-cost perspective,” the appeals court ruled.

This pattern of decisions in favor of consumers has been evident in an increasing number of courts. The Seventh U.S. appeals court “remains the friendliest circuit for data breach class action plaintiffs — but its company is quickly growing,” noted Edward McAndrew, a partner at Ballard Spahr.

“The D.C. Circuit, plus the third, eighth, and ninth, have all issued decisions that have allowed consumer data breach class actions to progress past initial motions to dismiss asserting pleading deficiencies,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

The sixth and eleventh circuits were added to the group of U.S. appellate courts that “have found allegations of data theft with the attendant risk of future harm sufficient to confer Article III standing,” according to a commentary by law firm Cleary Gottlieb.

“I think it’s fair to say that more of these payment card class action data breach cases appear to be surviving challenges related to the Article III standing of the named plaintiffs,” Joshua Jessen, a partner at Gibson Dunn, told the E-Commerce Times.

Damage Claims Could Be Affected

The injury concept affects not only standing, but also another element consumers need to be successful. That is, proving to a court that there is sufficient injury to qualify for making damage claims. While related, the standing and damage arguments usually are treated separately in the pleading stage of litigation, when motions to dismiss are considered.

However, it’s noteworthy that the appeals court in the Barnes & Noble case suggested that the injury basis for successful standing could be applied equally to the damage claim burden. That would relieve consumers from having to meet a separate and likely more stringent injury test for damages.

Importantly for defendants, however, the full context of the court’s ruling tells a somewhat different story, according to Gibson Dunn’s Jessen.

“At first blush, the Seventh Circuit’s holding in Barnes & Noble appears to be favorable to consumers in payment card data breach class actions at the pleadings stage, but a closer inspection of the opinion illustrates that the court limited the application of the ruling to situations where plaintiffs are able to allege an actual ‘present’ loss,” he explained.

“At least as to consumer data breach class actions, plaintiffs will continue to have a tough road ahead to meet their burden of proving actual damages caused by one particular data breach,” said Ballard Spahr’s McAndrew.

“This is due, in part, to the sheer number of breaches of the same individual information, and the fact that most plaintiffs do not appear to have suffered any economic harm traceable to a particular breach for which they haven’t already been made whole by banks or other third parties,” he pointed out.

That won’t stop advocates from using the Seventh Circuit’s language as a possible additional legal tool favorable to consumers, and as a result become a troublesome factor for companies targeted in lawsuits.

A Warning for E-Commerce Defendants

“Still, it’s likely that the plaintiffs’ class action bar will attempt to seize on the Barnes & Noble ruling when their claims are challenged at the pleading stage for failure to allege cognizable damages,” Jessen said.

“It will be up to the defense attorneys to explain why the decision does not mean that pleading Article III injury is tantamount to pleading damages or cognizable harm under state law claims,” he added.

“I agree that the Seventh Circuit’s equating injury for standing and damages at the pleadings stage increases the leverage that plaintiffs will have at the early stages of a class action,” said McAndrew.

“In the Seventh Circuit, at least, data breach class action plaintiffs will have a better chance of surviving these motions to dismiss, and the parties will head into discovery and additional motions practice,” he observed.

“Data breach defendants therefore will have to value early settlement options differently than in past cases in which courts were more receptive to motions to dismiss based on standing or lack of damages,” McAndrew noted.

Not all federal appeals courts have issued such favorable rulings to consumers in breach cases, and the split among jurisdictions may have to be resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court. However, the bottom line is that defending against class action breach suits likely will be much more challenging for e-commerce businesses in the future.

John K. Higgins has been an ECT News Network reporter since 2009. His main areas of focus are U.S. government technology issues such as IT contracting, cybersecurity, privacy, cloud technology, big data and e-commerce regulation. As a freelance journalist and career business writer, he has written for numerous publications, including

The Corps Report and Business Week.

Email John.


Birthday Special: Get Yourself Grooving On Katrina Kaif’s Superhit Peppy Tracks

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Birthday Special: Get Yourself Grooving On Katrina Kaif’s Superhit Peppy Tracks

Katrina Kaif is one of the top actresses of Bollywood. She has been a part of the Bollywood film industry since 14 years. Though her career started on a slow note in the initial years, it took off with them and right now she is an A-list actress of Bollywood who has worked with several Bollywood biggies especially with three Khans Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir.

Apart from that, Katrina has been a part of many successful projects which did wonders at the box-office. Today, popular directors and actors are keen on working with her which proves that she has achieved a hell lot of success in the film world.

Hailing from an international background, the actress was not born and brought up India but she slowly transformed herself and now every Indian simply loves her.

Not just films, Katrina have some blockbuster songs to her credit which are an all time favorite of the buffs. These songs were a chartbuster tracks which became a rage on the internet once it were released. People still love to listen to them and it sets them grooving.

As the actress turns 35 today, here are some of the popular tracks of the beauty which you can simply listen to lift up your mood and dance like no one’s watching.

  • Chikni Chameli (Agneepath)

Katrina performed this item song in Karan Johar’s Agneepath and boy her lathka jahtkas and thumkas blew everyone’s mind. Her adaas and with the poise, Katrina left everyone spellbound.

image source

  • Sheila Ki Jawaani (Tees Maar Khan)

The film was a huge dud at the box-office, but Katrina’s sexy dance moves proved to be a saving grace for the viewers. Katrina as Sheila became a huge hit among the fans and the song became a chartbuster hit of all times.

image source

  • Afghan Jalebi (Phantom)

The song was specially picturized on Katrina and the beats will instantly set you grooving. The actress is also often referred as Afghan Jalebi by the media and her fans.

image source

  • Swag Se Swagat (Tiger Zinda Hai)

Salman and Katrina’s jodi have always proved to be a hit on the box-office. Ek tha Tiger marked a blockbuster comeback of Sallu and Kat after 5 years and left everyone stunned. Swag Se Swagat featuring Kat and Salman became a huge hit and also crossed 500 million views.

  • Mashallah (Ek Tha Tiger)

The song featuring Salman and Katrina was a blockbuster one just like the movie. Katrina’s sensuous dance moves was a treat for an eyes.

image source

Here’s wishing the beautiful actress a very happy birthday!

Published by Mamatha on 15 Jul 2018


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